1. Automation
    Our Engineering Staff has extensive experience in Automation, including New Machines, Automation of Existing Machines, Incorporation of Robotics, and upgrading Controls Systems using a wide variety of controls equipment.  
  2. Material Handling
    EMT offers Turn-Key solutions for our customers Material Handling needs. Our innovative and unique approach presents our customers with a dependable automated machine matching their specifications and standards.
  3. Fabrication
    Our team offers custom fabrication with a variety of materials. Closed tolerance weldments, standard weldments, and heavy-duty structural fabrication. EMT fabricates sheet metal, breaks and rolls, complex pans, and square to rounds.
  4. Robotics
    Our Engineers have years of experience programming and integrating various robots, including, but not limited to, Fanuc, ABB, Kuka, and Motoman. Recent robotic applications include welding, material handling, vision, and many more.
  5. Testing
    Our Engineering team has designed, developed, and produced testing stations for numerous applications, from the testing of cylinders, pressure testing, or robotics testing, EMT can offer custom solutions for your testing requirements.
  6. Controls
    EMT offers a wide range of controls suitable for any system or industry. Our engineers are continuously attending seminars and classes which keep them abreast on the latest technologies.
  7. Tools and fixtures
    Our engineers have developed and produced a variety of tooling and fixtures. Molds, dies, jigs, even cookie cutters have been made to suit our customers needs and expectations.
  8. Specialty Parts
    The engineering team at EMT designs and builds specialty parts custom made to your specifications. Anything from custom hot rod parts to custom duck call holders our team can do it all!
  9. Corrugation and Perforation
    Our team has years of experience in the corrugation and perforation industry and has built numerous machines which are still utilized in the industry today. EMT offers machines which can be customized to your company's needs.
  10. Machining
    EMT has a state of the art machining center incorporating todays most advanced machining technology, coupled with an engineering team who can design any component. This gives EMT the ability to produce any item out of numerous materials.


Material Handling





Corrugation and Perforation

Tools and Fixtures

Specialty Parts